So, my first blog post.

It took years and years of struggle for me to finally begin blogging again. I think I was fourteen or fifteen when I stopped active blogging, which makes it five years. The case was, I found it harder to write to the public as I grow older “younger”, and it wouldn’t do. Which kind of aspired writer fear of writing for public’s eyes? That’s me.

And then I read an article, the writer wanted to begin writing and he/she asked for advice. She was told to begin blogging. Since I decided that Facebook was better with 9GAGS and buzzfeed, anything wordy would have to end up in a specialised word-squash machine like wordpress or blogspot. First I could beef up my courage or something. It’s a virtual stage fright I’m facing here. Besides, you had think studying in a UK campus such as Nottingham (Malaysia campus) would have helped with my English. I merely found my Mandarin snapping at English, and neither was winning.

Anyway, it’s Chinese New Year! I am relishing every minute of the semester break an engineering course could offer me. I wish everyone a prosperous and auspicious year ahead!

P.S: I think I needed a little more colour here…


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