Public Outspeaking

Sequel to Public Inspeaking. The final act and shortfalling conclusion of confronting the beast of speech itself. Shortfalling, because the whole ordeal of presenting a speech was over a little less than two weeks ago. I was supposed to make a review and assessment out of my performance, but apparently something else *cough cough* came up.

The day before the presentation I managed to whip up the final speech draft stretching over 10 minutes. I had been working on the essay for weeks I don’t have to memorise anything consciously to remember a thing. There was only the problem of continuum. While I know and remember the points, I found that going from one sentence to the next – in speech – was by far the hardest. I don’t have the swagger and gift of gab like politicians and club presidents, and I don’t think I can manage a wisecrack comment within a second without flustering, so I returned to the method of comfort I know would work. I read the draft for two or three times, the latter two trying not to refer to the draft, and then more or less I pretty much I memorised the script.

It didn’t feel like how REAL public speaking should be, though, but it worked and I wasn’t going to complain. I made the occasional stammers and pauses, none of the long, awkward pauses, my voice didn’t warble from pronunciation bugs and most importantly my knees didn’t wobble.

There left a few more presentations to go, still.

I was supposed to be still practising speech occasionally (in other words, I should speak to myself more often like an insane nutter), but I still found writing/typing better than speaking, and I had never taken up a brief speech practice after that Wednesday. Of course, that also have to do with the something else that came up these two weeks that I delayed this post until today.

The thing is, I downed six novels in a week. I think it was one week, not two. I didn’t know whether I should cry or laugh. It is not even semester break yet, and being an engineering undergrad this means that I am neglecting all my studies and many responsibilities to stick my nose on the screen – not book, I’m now reading e-books. Oh, how I had forgotten the thrill of reading a few good books in one go, even if they left me with eye sore, headache and a general cotton-damp-feeling in my brain drug addicts get.

I was reading Kim Harrison’s The Hollow Series. I know it was kind of old. The first book was published in 2004, but you couldn’t expect someone below 12 to read that kind of book. Anyway, I prefer downing the entire series in one go, even if it’s really bad for health.

The fact that I have posted this entry means that I have finally gotten control – just barely. There are eleven titles in the series as of now, and I have reached the turning point and sort of the conclusion of the first story arc. Before anything worse happens, I have decided to stop right there and return to studies and serious business for the week. That is, if I have that much control.


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