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Nexus 5 Screen Glitch at 2nd month of use

Alternate link for the video above:

Was reading e-books with Moon Reader when this happened. I had been intensively reading e-books for a week but that’s no reason for a Nexus 5 to go haywire. The problem persists worse when I’m on any e-book reading application (so far I had tried with Google Play Books and Moon Reader).

A screen lock elevates the problem for a bit. Phone reboot solves nothing, if not, make things worse. Sometimes the screen glitch causes lagging, but sometimes (in the beginning) the phone is responsive. I can still type stuffs. It’s just that the screen lags behind.

Something like this:
Nexus 5 Screen Glitch at it's worst

I was going to write a Nexus 5 review anyway, and this problem kinda prompts me into more urgency. It’s just 2 months old, and e-book reading is so simple even my old phone can manage it without any fuss. It doesn’t help that I’m now at my busiest weeks and a faulty phone I realised I’m relying to heavily on is affecting my mood and productivity.

Things aren’t looking good, so I’m going to backup everything and send it to the technicians. I like Nexus 5, I didn’t want doubt my judgement right now…


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