Tumultuous Weeks of University and Stuffs

There really are too many things one can possibly do in one time-frame. Life is cruel. Very cruel.

Maybe not so much as cruel. If it was, then I would not have written this post. I had suffered from the consequences of not starting to write my lab reports earlier, but it was worth my sanity in the long term. Finishing coursework close to the deadline sure was exciting, but overall I get more days of rest and chill, considering I don’t have to study/write reports every single bloody day.

So I had not talked about my university life for quite a long time. A quick update on it is in order.

The second semester of my second year is significantly more relaxing that the previous. There was one 100% coursework-based module, some shit called Professional Skills for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. If you know photoshop, blog writing or web design, it’s a big plus. But it really hurts if you are the only person in the group who has photoshop in your computer.

It was a spiteful module, but however spiteful I think it was, it helped me. It makes me – pushes me into realising how much I need to bolster my speaking and presentation skills. I would also go as far as to say, it makes my voice significantly less wobbly when I speak to the HR peoples from various companies for my internship. I finished the final presentation for the entire module yesterday, but guess what, it doesn’t stop there. There’s one other spiteful Industrial Awareness Crap next year and I’m not looking forward to its 100% coursework-based assessment. More deadlines. Greater time crisis.

And then I want to talk about Sodexo – ie. campus cafeteria, the University of Nottingham in Malaysia. It is getting worse – or was it always this bad? I think I was desensitised by the price. I mean, RM7++ for a meal nowadays is fact. RM 5 is not getting my tummy anywhere near satisfied. But at the very least, get the food cooked well.

Say, it had been twice I had eaten half-cooked rice. And then once from really hard rice that must have been left overnight or something.

Then the other day the foods are all cold. Then quite a long time ago I had the most salty fried fish ever. And of course, the fishes are always freezer-packed dori fishes. There were Keli and stuffs, but most of the stalls make do with freezer Dori. But Dori fishes are least of the problems when nothing taste as good as the RM 4 mixed rice (one that filled the plate to the brim) that I can get just outside in town 15-minutes drive away.

The chicken rice is okay (passable, if you have stricter taste buds). The sandwich is, well, sandwich. If they can’t even get a sandwich taste OK then it’s probably too terrible for any one to judge, but yes the sandwiches are still good. About RM3 to 3.50. The central cafe sells them too but I forgot which one is the RM3.50.

Sure, there are feedback forms prepared by Sodexo, but I had already filled the forms three times and getting sick of doing so. I think I can probably prepare a report on their foods, with my customer experience and all, but I had exams incoming, and I am still working on a Nexus 5 review. My phone is still in the factory, so the review would have to wait.


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