Kill ‘Em Distractions, Kill

A couple of days ago, I came across an infographics on ‘How to Start Up’. One of the things that you are supposed to do in the early stages was to remove the distractions.

Capture2Bye-Bye Distractions
This way you’ll only focus on the things that truly matters. It’s not worth the struggle to fight your urges.

The little symbol beside it was my rendition of the original. It kind of tells me that you have to cut off all entertainments to Start Up, which seems reasonable. I mean, grown-ups are supposed to do grown-up things, not whipper-snapping around. Peoples talk about dreams. Business plan. Start up. Career envisioning. Lifetime Wishes. Big words and all. It’s the ultimate reward of the game we are playing right now, with only one life to go.

But my plan for summer break does not include throwing away distractions. In fact, 70% of my summer break is going to be made up of things like watching Game of Thrones to see if it was really that good, catching all the old episodes of Star Wars so I’m prepared for the future release, and perhaps go out a little and talk to peoples. I’d never done much of that.

Just recently, on my one-hour drive from the Nottingham jungle back to my home, I listened to professors talking in the radio about how comic superheroes reflect the real life, and how can we look at the trends from the ‘choices’ made by superheroes. How superman denounces his American citizenship and what not.

The point is fiction is a part of culture. Even comics, when so many parents view it as the household contraband at where I live. Watching a gameplay on Assassin Creed made me think of how peoples can think of beheading other peoples and killing children as being Good and Holy. The comic I read about the Bus made me rethink the world. Suddenly the line between Good and Bad, Right and Wrong was marred, and we were reduced to things that walk on twos and act on primal impulse.

These by-products of culture doesn’t judge on the real world per se. It is a reflection of the real world, in a parallel dimension that we can enjoy, discuss, diss about. Though they did not do much on resolving the world problems, it was good at giving messages. It was the footsteps of human civilisation as we go on conquering space and time and ourselves.

I voiced my thoughts to my sister after reading that infographic. “Are we giving up our culture so that we can have the time and attention to achieve our dream?” I asked her, and she said yes with a look that said, “of course, you dummy”.

Her answer did not surprise me. It was her expression that hits home straight into my heart. I was afraid. Were we supposed to abandon trivial entertainment for what ‘matters’?

So I asked her, “So the goal is the only thing that’s important? We must do whatever we must to achieve that goal?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“But these ‘entertainment’, they are culture,” I said. “They are part of the life.”

“Not important.”

I hesitated. Achieving a goal at all costs sounded familiar.

“Even like the IS?” I said. “To do anything they want to achieve their goal?”

“Yep,” she said, regarding me with a serene smile.

Footnote: I tried my best to relive the conversation as accurate as possible, but one doesn’t remember the details when they are shocked. I confess that comparing Start-Up to the Black Army was a little bit too far-fetched, but both of them lies along the same axis that defines unconditional passion.


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