Spectrum, Prisms, White Light

When the page loaded, I stopped a moment to watch at the rainbow header in awe. A sense of wonder and joy welled in my heart, filling the void that an article I read earlier had created.

I’m not going to talk about the article. I’m not going to create more of the void, or conflicts, or splinters. Humanity has enough of those. I just wanted to sit in awe and feel the arcing of life. It didn’t feel right to be advocating some angst now, after seeing the colours. The rainbow header would have irked some bloggers already, as was the decision of a supreme court in a country I’ve never been to.

Mephistopheles is laughing beside me, on my right. I ignored him.

I looked to my left, through the open door, at the bright day past the glass sliding door, despite the thin layer of rust from the curtain or the clouds. There’s no knowing if it would rain in the next hour. The Sun had been claiming the sky for days, almost a week.

Is it going to rain today? Or will the heat beat down on us, like yesterday? So what if it will rain, will the water be enough to cool the nation, or will the steam scald us first? If the Sun wins, our cloths would get to dry. We get summer, and with it the warmth and light, but what is the cost? Will the dams run out of water too fast? Will one of the rivers be polluted again, at a time when water is most in need?

Do you rather wish for mediocrity, where everything is just sufficient and bearable? So the sky is always cloudy, the wind is always breezing, and cloths will never get to dry in a day?

We could wish for the rain, to quench us of our thirst. Our cloths would dry in air-conditioned room, while we sleep.

Alternately, we could wish for the sun to dry our cloths. Pale Caucasians can earn a free golden-brown tan. We would hide under a roof, drinking boiled water and running the tap as we wished.

Peoples at large, all 7 billion plus of them, minus me, what are they doing? How are they doing? Hungry, thirsty, tired, angry, conflicted, lost, content, happy. As profile pictures gets tinted by rainbow in just two clicks, something had changed. A change that happened, and was promptly drown in the sea of changes.

But somewhere the current run a little differently now. The plump-bob in the sand made sure it would. The course had been set differently with a little milestone that began from one ruling, one decision.

For now, the cloud parted. Sun was shining again. It would be another hot day today.


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