Pray Year

Intended translation from the two Chinese letters: 拜年

Pronounced as: Bài Nián

Obviously (or not) it’s an almost direct translation from Google Translate mainly because I’m the one pulling the strings between Google’s output and the WordPress Input.

It’s a tribute to my favourite (and only one that I like) Chinese New Year Festive Song of the same name (bài nián), and it must be the one sang by 严俊 (author’s transliteration: Yan Juin) and 林黛 (Linda Lin Dai). They are my mother’s time that if I saw their pictures I won’t know who I’m looking at, so I won’t place their pictures here.

When I say tribute, however, it means fun, and this time I’ve decided to give it a dig at translating the lyrics. Here’s how the song goes:

“Bai Nian”
Linda Lin Dai (ft. Yan Juin)

[Yan Juin]
First day foremost of first month
All the houses cross new year
Lanterns over streets n’ alleys
Fireworks roared through the skies
Fireworks roared through the skies

[Linda Lin Dai]
Little me cross year happily
Wearin’ new shoes change new dress
From head to toe make up well
Go out to pray year
Go out to pray year

[Yan Juin-Rap]
*wolf whistles*
See carefully
Look slowly
There’s a lady right in front
High nosed come and round big eyes
Those pair of eyebrows arched upwards
Glossed lips could have breathe fire
The whole ten nails painted in red
New bespoke cheongsam ten new trends
Exquisite curves pleasant to the eyes
Golden Rooster Heart, hanging over chest
Enclosed inside is a small photo.
The small photo inside ‘course is me,
My picture is right inside.

[Linda Lin Dai-Rap]
What the heck
The heck you do
The small photo inside is definitely not you
Someone else’s picture is right inside

[Yan Juin-Rap]
Lady my my you’re lying!
But you do look so familiar
Only I just can’t remember
just where exactly
have we met

[Linda Lin Dai-Rap]
I don’t know you.

[Yan Juin-Rap]
Aiyah! That’s right, you lady and I were schoolmates,
and not just schoolmates,
but classmates!

*impressive trumpet wails*

[Linda Lin Dai]
I have lots of schoolmates and my
boyfriends are in ten thousands
Stop crapping and go away
I wanna go pray year
I wanna go pray year

[Yan Juin]
Heard lady is going pray year
I have a car just right there
You just have to tell me where
There’s nowhere we can’t go
There’s nowhere we can’t go

[Linda Lin Dai]
Look at him one more time closely
His looks are not quite so bland
What more he has a big car
Pretty and chilling
Pretty and chilling

Doesn’t matter if we’ve met
Meeting now is like our fate
Love at first sight like lightning
Pray year together~
Pray year together~ (x3)

Happy Chinese New Year!


Disclaimer: Translated lyrics contains mistakes included but not limited to purposeful intention, direct translation, literal translation, note of fun, mischievous jabs, meaning lost in obscurity, impossibility in translation without causing meaning lost in translation, and translator’s shortcomings.

Original Lyrics in Mandarin Chinese from Mojim


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