Me: Writer, Maybe-Gamer, Half-a-Slacker and Really Really Loves Computers (oh who doesn’t?). Oh, and I’m a full-time engineering student, which sort of makes the first four points void except during the virtual summer break. No, I’m now working full-time. I don’t have summer breaks anymore.

I have a wistful thought of being an engineer and as a novelist at the same time, something I’m still struggling with even when writing is currently a mere hobby. I had been told to start blogging if I wanted to write, so here am I. Otherwise, I’m still indoors, looking for exciting activities that can be done with computer, bed and a chair. You will be amazed by what I can do with those three.

This Blog: So, about the things that I write.

I started this blog out to write about useful stuffs that people might want to know. Something like “how to update the cracked version of a game that is different from the official guide”, or deeply written review on books to feel happy you’re not the only one who love/hate that book. But as Time passed and Management happened, I began to see a trend tending towards writing whatever, blabbering, and the infrequent artistic moment; and gadget and book reviews.

So as Time passes and Management happens, this blog eventually boils down to three things: art, literature, technology. Be ready to expect a hodgepodge of that and everything else.

Update Frequency: Haphazard. 😀

I update when I feel like it, as I’m still trying to get used to the way blogging works. And there is no fixed plan as to what I will be putting on. They are mostly ramblings, you see.


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