Most of the time, I’ll be working on my stories (or novels, or “books”). One is in Wattpad and the rest are offline, because getting past the editing and polishing stage takes forever.

The one I’m now working on is “Mephistopheles“, the first book of “Manhattan Demons“. It’s 100% completed and is now on 55% polishing stage so there will be non-plot edits.

The next book is coming soon – when I’ve decided to end Mephistopheles on that chapter and when I’ve finalised on the title for the second book. I’m at thirteen chapters into Book 2 – still too early for anything!


Manhattan Demons

“You provide the talent, we provide the career development”

This is a supernatural/fantasy fiction about a fourteen year old girl apprenticing herself to a demon to save her family. It’s going to be hella dark. I mean, we’re talking about damning a minor. Even if the intentions are noble… well, that’s why you should never deal with demons. There is no escape. There is no salvation.