Manhattan Demons Series: Book I


A fourteen-year-old Joanne “Jo” Yang is against her family in migrating to the United States and settling down in Manhattan. The big city has more than what she needed, and more isn’t always good. What if their house is cursed? What if demons are real? What if… the house is possessed by a demon?

Yes, Manhattan has it all.

Meet Faruziel, Baron of the Fifth Circle, House of Thagirion, Acquisitor of Homes. As ridiculous as it sounds, he’s bad news. But of course, there’s always a way out. Some die. Some pray. Some, like Jo, choose to fight – but in the most unimaginable, literally damnedest way there is, for there is no better trick against a demon than to learn their trade…

100% completed and 55% polishing. Available for reading in Wattpad here.

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